Nix Olympica

Barrel-aged Bière de Mars | 6.4% alc./vol.


halcyon nix olympica.jpg

Nix Olympica is a barrel-aged Bière de Mars from Halcyon Barrel House. It is brewed with organic smoked malt and saison yeast, and has ample barrel character.

Traditional Bière de Mars is a European beer style, a close cousin of the Bière de Garde. It was typically brewed in the cooler spring temperatures (Mars being French for March), and stored until hot weather arrived. Modern editions tend to be strong and more full-flavoured than the historical examples of the style.

Nix Olympica pours a deep dark gold. The aroma is barrel forward with wine notes, light smoke and melon rind. The taste suggests sweetness with a smokey edge, spicy phenolics plus a hint of fruit. Effervescent carbonation adds to the mouthfeel/body, while the tannins from barrel aging help dry the beer out. It finishes smoky and dry.

INGREDIENTS: Water, organic barley and wheat malts, organic hops, hops, yeast.

MALTS: Smoked barley, wheat, vienna, munich, acidulated, caraaroma (all organic)

HOPS: Organic strisselspalt, organic mistral, huell melon, mosaic

FERMENTATION: Brewers yeast, brettanomyces


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