Shifting Sands: Peach

Foeder aged sour gold with peaches | 7.0% alc./vol.


halcyon shifting sands-10.jpg

Shifting Sands is a sour golden ale that is in essence, the canvas for future editions of the beer. Each version of Shifting Sands will have a different treatment of varieties of fruit, and will re-ferment and age in barrels or foeders. The idea behind this project is to play with various fruit re-fermentation in a semi-constant environment, creating each time a balanced beer that both showcases the fruit used, and respects the base sour gold, Shifting Sands.

The inaugural incarnation, Shifting Sands: Peach, had more than 500 kg of fresh peaches added to the oak foeder it was fermented and aged in. It was left to mature three months, with the intention of drying out the initial sweetness added by the fruit.

Shifting Sands: Peach pours orange gold with light foam. The aroma has a fruity tang to it, with peach skins and light wine-like notes. Tastes tart and fruity, the peach character is soft but present. Finishes dry with some tannins.


INGREDIENTS: Local spring water, organic peaches, organic barley and wheat malts, organic oats, yeast, bacteria.

MALTS: Pilsner, Vienna, Wheat, Munich (all organic)

HOPS: Organic strisselspalt, organic hersbrucker

FERMENTATION: Saccaromyces, brettanomyces, lactic acid bacteria.



SUGGESTED CHEESE PAIRING: Glengarry Celtic Blue, Oka classique, Le Douanier