Life Advice

Organic Table Beer | 3.5% alc./vol.


Halcyon life advice 2-2.jpg

Halcyon Barrel House brewmaster Bryce McBain set out to create a perfect session beer for those times we spend sitting around with friends, sharing advice and talking about life. The result is Life Advice, an organic table beer. Effervescent and barrel-kissed, this easy-to-enjoy saison has just a bit of tartness, which adds to its refreshing nature.

Originating in Belgium, table beers are lower ABV, light-bodied beers traditionally consumed with dinner. Life Advice is fermented with saison yeast and a custom mixed culture of Ontario wild yeasts, and lactic acid bacteria. It is barrel aged, bottle conditioned and a sessionable 3.5 % ABV.

Life Advice pours a hazy straw gold with light foam lacing. The aroma is mild and fruity, with subtle peach, apple and wine. A soft grain flavour plays in the background to a more dominant fruity yeast character. It finishes dry, and leaves you wanting more.


INGREDIENTS: Local spring water, organic barley, wheat and rye malts, organic hops, yeast, bacteria.

MALTS: Pilsner, wheat, rye (all organic)

HOPS: Organic strisselspalt, organic hersbrucker

FERMENTATION: Saccaromyces, brettanomyces, bacteria