Curse of Knowledge

Organic farmhouse saison |5.8% alc./vol.


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Curse of Knowledge is a barrel-fermented, barrel-aged blended farmhouse saison with brett. Spice and more delicate herbal, fruity and floral elements are rounded by its relationship with wine. Effortlessly drinkable, assumingly complex.

Inspired by the farmhouse saisons of old, Curse of Knowledge is brewed with a house blend of several saison yeast and brett strains, and aged in red wine barrels for six months before blending. It is dry hopped with two french hop varieties, strisselspalt and mistral.

Curse of Knowledge pours golden and slightly hazy, with ample foam. Spice and herbal aromas come together with fruity notes of pear, rounded by a wine-like element. Its mild saison flavours are spicy and floral, with tanginess, restrained bitterness and more wine. The body is light, with ample carbonation adding to the fullness of the beer. The finish is bone-dry and mildly bitter, with lingering tannins.

INGREDIENTS: Water, organic barley, wheat and rye malts, organic hops, yeast.

MALTS: Pilsner, wheat, rye, acidulated (all organic)

HOPS: Hersbrucker, tradition, strisselspalt, mistral (all organic)

FERMENTATION: Saison yeast blend, brettanomyces.



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